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  1. Maver-Bišćanin M, Mravak-Stipetić M, Jerolimov V. The Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy on Candia Albicans in Patients with Denture Stomatitis - Case Report. Acta Stomatol Croat. 2003;37(3):362-3.
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  2. Mravak-Stipetić M, Risović D, Stipetić D. Antifungal effect of UV and visible laser radiation on denture base material. Acta Stomatol Croat. 1998;32(Suppl):177.
  3. Hemerich L, Juričić-Čulina I, Mravak-Stipetić M, Alajbeg I, Jerolimov V. Djelotvornost Octenisepta na candidu albicans kod bolesnika sa stomatitis prothetica [in Croatian]. Acta Stomatol Croat. 1998;32(Suppl):166.