Acta Stomatologica Croatica 1987-2020: Online Bibliography


The journal Acta stomatologica Croatica has been published continously since 1966 in one volume with four issues yearly. From the very begining Acta was being published by the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb and the Croatian Dental Society of the Croatian Medical Association. By its quality the journal contributes to the good reputation of the dental profession nationwide, as well as to the reputation of Croatian dentistry worldwide. Since 1998 the articles are being published bilingual (in Croatian and English), and the journal has become more accessible to the worldwide scientific community. The concept of the journal has varied throughout the years. Editorials, original scientific papers, preliminary communications, reviews, professional papers, and case reports included in this bibliography have been peer-reviewed. Other contributions containing information of permanent significance to the dental profession, such as congress summaries, professional information of interest, historic overviews, and in memoriam are also included. The first 20 years of the journal have been adequately marked and summarized by the supplement Bibliography (PDF, 22MB) in 1986. Therefore, the Editorial board has decided to publish the second bibliography of Acta stomatologica Croatica for the period from 1987 until 2006 in 40th volume, 4th issue of the journal. In order to make the Bibliography accessible to everyone, an online version has been created and will be updated countinously.

The structure of the bibliography

The Bibliography contains 2292 bibliographic records. The information about authors are taken de visu from the original without additions and/or corrections being made. The bibliographic description was made according to the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors and Publishers.

Browse Articles

Browse Articles contains data about years, volumes and issues covered by the Bibliography with links to the issues. By selecting a specific issue, we can access bibliographic data on published articles. Every bibliographic entry is followed by the link [details] which gives a title of the paper in Croatian, information about the paper category and the subject headings that refer to the paper. If a full-text is available, there is a link Full text at the end of the citation.

Author index

The names of the authors are arranged alphabetically by the author's surname. The initials of the authors are solved when possible. Different forms of the author's name that appear in the original have been solved by a cross-refference according to the addopted form of the name. That way all the papers of an author can be accessed via the uniform name of the author. In cases of multile authorship, the information about the paper is repeated under the surnames of each of the co-authors. Numbers following subject headings in the Author index represent the ordinal number of the articles which are associated to the author.

Subject index

A controlled dictionary of terms of the National Library of Medicine – MeSH Browser has been used for subject analysis ( In cases when the subject of the paper is a person, non-MeSH subject headings have been used. Numbers following subject headings in the Subject index represent the ordinal number of the articles which are associated to the specific subject heading. By selecting a subject heading, a list of papers on the specific topic is given.